Babies on Parade / Cinqo De Mayo

We had a blast at the last Enrichment! Not only did we have the cute babies that were born within the last year being showed-off we have a wonderful Cinqo De Mayo meal!

The decorations were provided by the excellent food committee that was headed by Willa Johnson & Brenda Armstrong.

The cute moms & their beautiful babies!

A quilt was tied.

Hair bow holders made.

Cute signs were painted.

And crayon cozies were sewn!

Merlene Johnson also taught a fun class on activities and fun things you could do with your children and grandchildren (wish I would've gotten pictures because it was fantastic!)

Stay tuned for next months Service Round-up!
(We're rounding up some service to be auctioned off!)

Stake Relief Society "Ten Virgins"

I (Linda Croft) have been involved with a stake drama and luncheon, "The Ten Virgins". Each ward provided items which reminded us of Israel or her people. We had no idea in advance as to what belongings were going to be delivered Friday for use as decorations.

(Yeah for Tamsyn! Who played one of the Ten Virigins)

We draped the ceiling with a professional stage backdrop using neutral fabric, the walls had white Christmas lights under gorgeous gold embossed fabric, tables were exquisite, the bubbling water fountain in the middle of the gymnasium set on many oriental rugs.

The food was chicken salad, pita bread, grapes, olives, vegetables, humus, fresh strawberries with dip, chocolate cake or lemon cake dessert served in a small clear glass. It was absolutely lovely.

The program was enlightening as well as inspirational, after modifying the original script to fit better into our theme, it was very special. Appropriate recorded music played from 10 through lunch, it was very subtle. We used battery operated tea lights scattered on the table, plus each character had her own tea light inside her special oil lamp which she held as she spoke her part. --Linda Croft

March Relief Society Meeting - She Wore An Apron

We had a good turn out and such a fun time at this month's Relief Society Birthday Meeting. The theme was "She Wore an Apron" and everyone from the ward was invited to bring quilts, doilies, clothing and other antiques that they made or from their ancestors.

We want to thank everyone involved, especially all those who helped sew the wonderful gift everyone received, their own aprons!

Linda Croft and with the help of others put together a wonderful program that helped us remember all the ways aprons were used and the ancestors stories which they came from.

The Young Women, who had recently finished some quilts of their own, proudly displayed all of their hardwork from this last year and a half.

There are a lot of neat pictures from that night so we put them into a collage, click to enlarge and take a look at all the wonderful heirlooms!

Northwood Ward in the News

The Deseret News Thursday, February 18 publication featured a brief article concerning our ward's emergency preparedness seed project.  This item was written and submitted
by Master Gardner Dallas Holmes.   Double thanks to the Wright family for donating the seeds, and to the Holmes family for conceiving and transmitting the article to a proper source.    

 --Linda Croft   

Click the picture to enlarge the article to read, or view the article at the Mormon Times HERE.


This last Enrichment/Relief Societ Meeting was STUFFED with LOVE, among other wonderful things, we want to thank everyone for coming and for the help!!

Sister Croft took these pictures and we thought we would share them with everyone.

Everyone gathered together after being fully STUFFED with a great "STUFF your own Baked Potato Bar".

Amanda Brady gave a great presentation on STUFFING felt play food as toys for kids/grandkids.

Links to felt food how-to's:

Next Holly (Johnson) Evans talked to us about STUFFING our freezer's and our wallets, with tips on premaking dinners. She also talked about the importance of eating dinner together as a family, here is a copy of her flyer below (click to enlarge & print).

Visiting Teaching via E-mail

To receive your most current VISITING TEACHING assignment send an e-mail to
Meagan Waite at WaiteHere[at]

February Relief Society Party (formerly known as Enrichment)

STUFF your wallets by learning to prepare frozen dinners in a demonstration from Holly Evans:

Stuff some play food with this demonstration from Amanda Brady on how to make felt food:

And be STUFFED with LOVE for the wonderful ladies of the ward!